About Our Tutors and Tutoring Services

Dr. Stixrud began the Tutoring Service 20 years ago in order to provide specialized intervention for students with educational disabilities, after finding through his testing practice that these students often were not helped by traditional teaching and tutoring methods. The Stixrud Tutoring Service offers tutoring for children, adolescents, and young adults who have learning disabilities in reading, math, or written language, learning style differences, attention disorders, and/or organizational difficulties (i.e. executive functioning). We work with students who need specialized one-on-one instruction in strategies that can help them become active, competent, and confident learners.

Our tutors are trained in cutting-edge approaches for remediating academic difficulties associated with learning disabilities and learning differences. We teach research-based strategies for promoting the development of specific skills, thus enhancing school or work performance. Students are taught to generalize strategies to new academic and real life situations. When appropriate, content from the classroom (e.g., homework assignments) is used to enable students to successfully meet academic demands. Of equal importance, our tutors focus on students’ strengths and work to promote resilience and positive feelings about their ability to learn and succeed.

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If you would prefer to speak with our Tutoring Coordinator, please call Martha Ein at 301-807-7391.